• Calamity Gym lives and breathes great culture for your team
  • An innovative recruiting tool for your benefits package
  • A motivator for your team to impact the community
  • A digital tool to affect individual and group health
  • A team builder, encourager and inspiration for your company
  • A proactive statement against rising healthcare costs


  • On-demand workouts 24/7 on phone, iPad and Computer
  • Formats include desk workouts, kettlebell, bootcamps, kickboxing, core workouts, dance, yoga, pilates and more
  • Private groups can workout together onscreen
  • Create "Challenges", score points, win prizes
  • Impact those in need with 25% donation to favorite charity

”Medical costs improve by an average of $3.27 and
absenteeism costs improve by an average of $2.73
for every dollar spent on wellness.”

Harvard Arts and Sciences Study - 2011


$4 per employee per month
License based on number of employees
1000 employees = $4,000 license (1000 x $4.00)
Monthly, quarterly and annual reports of employee progress
Reports can show individual and group participation.

Financial Benefit Calculator