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We give 25% of our profits to the “calamities” of the world. We do this by partnering with uber-cool non-profits who care about impacting the world, same as us. Why exercise for simple vanity when you can help great causes at the same time. Plus we think it’s kinda’ clever playing off Calamity Jane, the infamous western frontiers woman who could get her drank on in a big calamitous way!

Calamity Gym is accessible 24/7 on smart phones, tablets, computers and TVs. Members watch their favorite group fitness and personal training videos on their devices. Each member chooses their favorite charity to receive the 25% donation.

Currently, Calamity Gym has 32 individual videos, all originally produced in 2013.

Calamity Gym adds at least 3 hours of new fitness videos every 4 months. That equals 18 individual 10-minute segments. We have multiple formats for a variety of member levels. We continually search for rock-star instructors who "bring it" in a big way. If you want to crush it at the highest level, we can accommodate. If you’ve never stepped foot in a gym, we got you covered, don’t be “skerred.”

There are currently 7 instructors on the platform. Lots more to come in the next year, and within 3 years, we’ll feature The Calamity Gym 100, the best of the beasts from all over the country!

Calamity Gym has group fitness and personal trainer sessions. We have boot camps, kettle bell, kickboxing, yoga, Pilates, booty bar, cardio dance, core, and desk workouts. Yep, more to come.

No. Calamity Gym exercise formats are focused on “functional” workouts, or body-weight drills. Some workouts require minimal equipment such as hand weights, jump ropes and other inexpensive items. Keep in mind, the beauty of CG is you can take your phone to your brick & mortar gym or hotel fitness center and use their gear.

Assuming you have a wifi connection, the easiest method is connecting an HDMI cable from your iPad or computer to the TV. The TV sees the device same as a DVD player. On your TV select “input” on the remote, and the TV should see the phone, computer or iPad as an option to connect. A second option is Roku or Apple TV. Apple TV supports AirPlay, where you can use Display Mirroring to replicate your iPad's display on your TV.
Bam, you’re off and running… and sweating.

Calamity Gym is accessible on any device via our CG website. Our native iOS app for iPhone, iPad, and Android are coming soon.

Other than the last part – which we feel your pain – here’s a list of general reasons why technical voodoo may be happening:

  • First, try a rain dance and flap your arms frantically.
  • Second, record yourself doing so, then upload to YouTube.
    But seriously…
    The following steps solve a vast majority of cases:
    • Clear the cache out of your browser. In Firefox, you can do this by going to Tools, then selecting "clear recent history"
    • Make sure your flash plugin is up to date and not all wonky. You can visit this link to download the latest version of flash: http://www.adobe.com/support/flashplayer/downloads.html
    • Close your browser, restart your computer and reset your internet connection. It may seem like overkill, but sometimes rebooting everything from the ground up can solve a lot of finicky problems.
    • Any other sort of playback problems that aren't solved by those couple steps are a bit more specific to the user's exact situation. For instance, sometimes folks in large corporate offices will need to whitelist the domains in which we serve content from (which are *.wistia.com and *.wistia.net).

Please install the following plug-in.

  • Installation steps
    • Install the plug-in from the link above.
    • Close the browser and reopen again
    • Browser will ask you for enabling/disabling the install plug-in. Click on Enable.
    • Run the workout session.
    • Click on Allow, for the browser to access your audio/video stack. (Same as Chrome)

Nope, Calamity Gym workouts are private. It’s up to you and the individual group members if they want to be seen in the group. Simply turn off your device’s camera if you prefer the other person or your group to not witness all your glory.

Creating a group is easy. You simply invite your friends, family members or co-workers. Heck, a group can be anyone you want to work out with. Each group has an administrator who decides who’s in the group. Calamity Gym also has groups we create for anyone to join (We don’t want anyone feeling left out on the playground, ya’ know?).

When you form a group, you’ll see steps on how to name and form the group, the person who starts forming the group is assumed to be the admin. He or she can invite new members to the group.

When members send a challenge to another member, they’re adding fun and competition to the workout. The more challenges a member initiates and accepts, the more points they score. AND, the more group challenges you create, the more points you earn! You don’t have to accept challenges, simply decline the invite. But who wants to sissy out like that! Do the workout, it’ll be a blast!

Points are the gold! First off, the higher point your total, the less you pay per month. How cool is that! Know any other gyms that charge you less the more you workout!? Hay-ell no! Points also earn you cool prizes such as FREE Starbucks cards, iTunes cards, clothing gift cards and adventure vacations.

First and foremost, we ask if the charity’s purpose is mind-blowing and impactful. We recognize the subjectivity of the process, which is why we ask members to offer suggestions. We look to assessment organiztions such as Guidestar and Charity Navigator, and follow their best practices to ensure our partners financial house is in order. We like charities focused on health, exercise and childhood obesity. If the charity has a personal passion near and dear to our team’s heart, that certainly counts. Because giving is quite personal, we provide a spectrum of local, global, environmental and faith-based charities: children-focused, health, nutrition, disaster relief, animal-focused, AIDS, education, and slave trade. (Please suggest charities you want to see on our list!)

Yes! We welcome suggestions from our members. Help us find incredible non-profits (including faith-based organizations like churches, mosques and temples) who are doing amazing things in their communities and the world!

A monthly subscription is $19.95 per month. But remember, the more you participate in challenge workouts and group workouts, the more points you earn, and the lower your monthly rate. You can earn your way to a $4.95 rate!

Yes, we have enterprise packages for companies (Click here for our sales department).

No, you can cancel anytime with no penalties. We pro rate your last month based on how many weeks you were a member that month.