About Calamity Gym


What if we told you your sweat could change the world? It can.

We call it True Sweat Equity, and now you’ve bought in!

With Calamity Gym, you can turn your exercise into an epic experience that will impact lives. We donate 25% of profits to the causes you are most passionate about. Help make Calamity Gym a dynamic engine of influence.

Calamity Gym is a mobile fitness network that unites the fitness community with a world in need. Access your favorite workout 24/7 on your smart phone, tablet, computer or TV, with a global fitness community at your fingertips.

Choose from our list of charitable partners. We have local, global, environmental and faith-based. Track your contributions on a real-time counter and see where the money is going and how it has helped a particular charity.

The more members we have, the greater the effect we have on poverty, injustice and other calamities that threaten our local and global communities. Our army of members can potentially provide millions of dollars to those in need. Plus the better you look and feel, and nothin' wrong with that!